Ah, the Android App

*Deep sigh*
When I saw the “Download the Android App” button on the mobile site, I just had to click on it. I do that a lot. Sometimes I keep them and use them, sometimes I do not, but I very nearly always click the button.

I have been pleasantly surprised by some apps. I love the Pandora app. There’s an audiobook app that will read to me when my eyes need a rest. Kindle has an Android app. Oh, and I can’t forget the Blacklist app that allows me to block annoying calls like the one I get from the collection agency looking for someone I’ve never even heard of. My local news station has an app. TV Guide has an app. Seems there’s an app for everything. Android has taken over my life.

Is the Android network helpful? Absolutely. Are the apps fun? Most definitely, especially the Facebook app. Can you live without them? Probably, but who wants to try? What fun would that be?

Well, I want to. I think it might be fun to live in the real world instead of the Android one for a while. I’m tired of typing on my phone. My eyes are tired of focusing on tiny print. It’s a little silly when I try to use my computer or camera as a touchscreen. These are just a few reasons I’m ready to trade in my phone for something simpler (and cheaper). Maybe I will wait until all the snow is gone though. I’d be really bored without all these apps.

On a separate note, am I the only one who would punch the contestant next to me on the Price is Right if they bid $1 over me? Seriously…use your own brain.

*This post typed in its entirity on my Android.

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