Balance. How many times have I heard that word since I began working in youth ministry? Let’s just say that I hear it A LOT. But there is so much work to be done. Who has time to pursue balance? How can I go after balance when there is so much to do in ministry? I don’t have time for a social life!

Jesus did. And His ministry calendar was much more intense than mine! In John 2:1-2 we read of Him taking time out to attend a wedding. Jesus Christ, the Messiah, took time out to go watch someone get married? He sure did! His ministry was just getting off the ground at this time. He had a million things to do. Yet, in the midst of saving the world, He took time out for a social life. He took time out to just be with people. Why? Because He understood something. He understood that without people, there was no ministry.

Later on in this chapter, we read that Jesus performed His first miracle here at the wedding in Cana. He turned the water into wine. He didn’t go to the wedding for that purpose. We know that Mary, His mother compelled Him to do something when the wine ran out. Had Jesus not taken time out of work to pursue balance, He would not have been present to do the miracle. If we don’t take time out to pursue balance, we won’t be able to minister to people.

We should take Jesus where people are. Our ministry is not just in the church. It’s not only on the platform, preaching the Word or leading worship. Our ministry is not just in our Sunday school classroom. Our ministry is where people are. Take time out to go to a ballgame. Go ahead and sign up to go on the outing with a group of friends. Go to lunch with a co-worker. Take your kids to the amusement park. Leave the laptop at home next time you go on vacation. It’s ok! Your work will wait! (And you’ll be more focused when you return) True balance is when we learn to take Jesus into times of pleasure as well as times of work.

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