Giving the Cat a Bath

Psalms 143:8 NLT “Let me hear of Your unfailing love in the morning, for I am trusting in You. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to You.”

I started out my morning very early. I had not intended to get up that early. In fact, I had told my husband the day before that I was going to sleep in because I did not have to take my son to school before I went to work. That was my plan. It was not God’s plan for my day.

Instead, I was awake by 3am and in the prayer room at church before 5am.  Why? Because I desired to hear from God. Because I needed to leave the distractions at home and get away to a place where I could hear solely from God.  I am not bragging. I would never wake up this early on my own. But when God wants to speak to me, I’ve learned to wake up and take note.

The writer of Psalms knew the importance of meeting with God in the morning. He understood that when we meet with God first thing in the morning, we invite Him to take control of our whole day. He has control of it anyway, but when we surrender to that knowledge instead of fighting against it, things happen. Things begin to click in our lives. We realize that things  are falling into place, into Him, instead of falling apart. Life becomes less like giving the cat a bath and more like soaking in a bubble bath of God’s presence and power and love.

God is for us and He has amazing things for us to do today. Wake up and walk in His way!

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