Today I had my diagnostic mammogram. It lead to an ultrasound. When the radiologist came in, he had no clear answer for me, so we now go for a lumpectomy and a biopsy. I’m waiting on scheduling to call and schedule an appointment with me.

I dislike waiting. Seriously. Unless you know me, you cannot know the truth of this statement. I am a hard headed redhead with a type A personality. When I set my mind to do something, I want it done. Now. Ask my kids. They have stories.

So when I learned that I have to wait some more to put this lump issue to rest, I had a choice to make. I could worry and fret and stay in my pajamas and eat candy cane kisses all Thanksgiving break, or I could redeem it. I could wallow in self-pity. Or I could praise Jesus for His hand that holds me. I could abandon hope and forfeit. Or I could redeem the situation.

I choose to redeem the situation. What the enemy has meant for harm, God will turn into good. And I plan to tell everyone about it! No weapon formed against me shall prosper. That’s a promise I can stand on. The enemy is trying to silence me, but I refuse to let that happen.

Redeem. I love that word. It means to reclaim something. And in this season of my life, I am learning to reclaim a lot of things. And I’m relishing in the fact that God is a redeeming God. He reclaims things for His purpose. Every situation. Every circumstance.

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