Happy Thanksgiving!

I am a blessed woman! My husband and oldest son put on a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner today. My oldest son says that my youngest son and I will have a turn next year. Hmmm…I’m not sure that is such a great idea!

Today I am most thankful for my immediate family and that we could all be together, in the same house, at the same time. Between the four of us and our jobs and school, being together in one place rarely happens. But today, we were able to be together and linger there. What a blessing!

That is what it’s all about, right? Being with the ones you love. Being thankful for what you have been given in this life. Maybe we don’t have the house of our dreams or the job of our dreams. Maybe (definitely) our family is not perfect. Maybe our car is broken down more than it’s running. Or the washing machine frequently doesn’t spin out and we have to go back through the spin cycle again, giving the barrel a turn to get it started. Someone probably overcooked a turkey or didn’t get all the lumps out of the mashed potatoes today. So what? Those things are light and momentary compared to eternity. Be thankful for what you have, today and everyday. The key to being content is not having what you want, but being thankful for what you have.

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